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Solid Audio Mastering

 (SAM) is done from 2 different home studios and taken care of by two mastering engineers eq.

Noel Goessens and Erno Herder

We are a couple of audio heads who also run Bass Controllism Records (BCR).

The foundation of SAM started in 2021 having started this opengenre think outside the box music label BCR we would soon find out that mastering audio was a thing we highly enjoyed doing and there came the idea for making a mastering company like SAM for now we all make the mastering sessions inside the box and have studios at home digital only.

We offer a great variety of audio mastering purposes and for any other questions or ideas about projects we will always gladly take in your contact form.

Enjoy SAM's service...

Noel Goessens Mastering Engineer/Producer/Label Owner, Erno Herder also a Mastering Engineer/Producer/Label Owner

Feel free to contact us for your projects.

What is mastering?​

It takes time and effort to finish off a techno song and make it ready for the listeners. We are here to help you with this subtle process.

You can say that mastering is the final step in the music production process. It’s basically the post-production process of taking an audio mix or album and preparing it for distribution.

The mastering stage often includes a series of subtle audio processes such as equalization, compression, saturation, stereo enhancement, and limiting. The aim of mastering is to balance the stereo mix, improve the cohesiveness of all individual tracks, and to reach commercial loudness.

Why is mastering important?

Mastering makes sure that your audio will sound as good as possible on all speaker systems, streaming platforms, media formats, and devices. Below are several other reasons why you should have a professional master on your tracks:

Emphasize or reduce frequencies to improve the overall mix

Fix tricky frequencies and eliminate imbalances missed in the mixing process

Create tonal balance, so your tracks frequency response is similar to tracks in your genre

Manage dynamics, control transient spikes, and glue tracks

Stereo enhancement to add dimension and balance the stereo field. Widening your mix will help it sound bigger. Stereo enhancement can also help tighten the center image by focusing on the low end.

Increase overall perceived loudness to reach commercial levels

Ensure all the songs in an album or EP sound consistent and balanced. Matching levels allow for listening to an entire album without adjusting the volume for each song.


Please send the track in 24bit 48.000Hz WAV format.

Don’t forget to at least have -6dB of headroom.

Please do not have any type of compression or limiting on the master bus/master output.

Please make sure any 'normalize' feature is turned off in your DAW when exporting your track.

Please make sure you are not clipping your individual tracks or master output.

It would be great if you could tell me a reference track in the same style as your track so that I have professional material to compare the master to.

Noel Goessens Mastering Engineer/Producer/Label Owner
Erno Herder, Mastering Engineer/Producer/Label Owner
Check out some pre and after mastering samples.
Pre Master:
SAM Mastered:
Pre Master:
SAM Mastered:

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