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We are going to try to change the way people are sending their EP demos or remix projects We would like it all to be correct and double-checked before we will even make a master for them.. [this goes for everyone in the music world [including myself]

Sometimes we get demos with only a tracks title 32 and no name or artist name with it this is very frustrating...
This is not very convenient and if I do not change this [META DATA] instantly the track could get lost or overseen.

So to prohibit frustrations from both the label as well as the artists later on in the process of getting a release from demo ---> distributed I would like to see the following changes.

We like to receive a folder instead of a separate track or wav/mp3 file The folder would contain all metadata needed to be able to get a decent processing possibility and looks like this.
  • A folder with the actual EP releases correctly named and double-checked
  • The remix .zip pack will also have to be named correctly as follows:
    • artist feat. - track title (remixer/original name) [Bitrate, DB, Key, and BPM] 
Also from now on we would like to receive all demos or future projects via the label engine page.
Having this metadata already saves sorrow afterward alsoyou could add [within brackets] the name of the label behind the full track name of the releases or tracks that are your build and are online in stores with any of the labels you are connected with.
Not anymore in the many socials we are with (named in a list under this message) it's getting too much to take the demos/projects in from all the services and it's really confusing at given times. Down below we have put all accepted genres for us.

Kindest regards,

Bass Controllism Records
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We accept almost all genres we like to release floor fillers and not label fillers

Good music is good music

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